It’s time to show the world Sprite® 6Mix™ by LeBron James, a new, limited edition Sprite flavor that will change the game, just like LeBron himself.

    Sprite and LeBron teamed up to design the unique flavor of Sprite 6Mix to reflect both LeBron’s style and the crisp refreshment of Sprite. It was co-developed with LeBron and is inspired by his favorite way to mix Sprite. Sprite 6Mix features the lemon-lime Sprite taste you already know with a twist of cherry and orange flavors. Check it out in 19.2 oz cans and 20 oz bottles.  But it’s only for a limited time, so don’t get caught sleepin’. Pick yours up today. Visit http://www.coca-colacompany.com/contact-us/ and, using your zip code, ask the virtual agent where you can find Sprite 6 Mix near you.”


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