Thirst Thing's Thirst, Sprite is the world's most popular Lemon-Lime soda.
Thirst For Yours! Grab a Sprite & enjoy the world's most popular lemon-lime soft drink.

00:00 the crystal clear like an idiot lavas

00:02 hummus like I'm feeding them I said

00:05 honor having a big-time rapper coming in

00:08 here after a generation defining

00:10 artist maybe stories to tell stories

00:20 [Music]

00:00 [Music]

00:02 look at you all fancy fancy I'm gonna be

00:07 the most iconic designer of all time

00:09 do you like my stuff let's go for miles

00:13 it takes to my show so Hawk I'm gonna be

00:17 on the cover every issue of every

00:19 magazine in every country even the ones

00:22 on Mars so let's go I got places to be

00:27 little man I'm about to be the biggest

00:29 in the world

Thirst's Most Wanted
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