Thirst Thing's Thirst, Sprite is the world's most popular Lemon-Lime soda.
Thirst Thing's Thirst, Sprite is the world's most popular Lemon-Lime soda.

With the commercial using my real person it even gives me even more of a leg up and on you know it can show like that's really me like the commercial is so true to me that it's definitely gonna make people fall in love with me even more.


All right so Atlanta this is like my city little five I've been coming here since since I was in high school since before I was in high school. I got my first go grill right over there when I got my braces off, literally the day I got my braces off. The next day, my producer magic piece if you get my first girl vibes I thought I was so far I thought I was the coolest kid. I clearly was behind a grill bottom eight crazy we about to come up on aisle five which is like I've probably done I don't know I didn't I probably I've done a lot of my first road shows that out five I sold out my very first show at out my last time I sold out our thoughts what I've got like two or three times and it's just the crazy place for me I never imagined being selling on the show people come to see me they love me.  It's crazy. 


Right now we are in Edgewood a department store a huge land market my career I think in this in the year of 2016 2017 I did over 70 shows here alone. I came here twice three times a week every weekend. It got to the point where I was 16 15 17 coming here by myself just alone and security knowing me two owners knew me I was good this was like my home for a minute I was here every day so this is somewhere that really um helped me you find myself beyond music and really you know get in touch with myself more as a performer this is somewhere to embrace me the most it's crazy Edgewood department store that is legendary, legendary huge landmark.


[Rapping] but I can't lie to myself top off and ride by myself that she's so good to me that I can't share with nobody else


For me I think I've not only created a lane and a sign for myself but I've like created the sound and maturity and nurtured it and made it grow into so many different ends you know what I'm saying it's one sign it's my sound but it can be so big. I don't know Chicago and Atlanta have both played like major parts in my life but I always loved it bracing for like I don't know necessarily exactly who I would be if I would have stayed in Chicago but I do know that coming to Atlanta but coming to Atlanta definitely made me who I am today.

Streetwear wasn't born here, but it definitely got a sense of coolness here perse to different groups outside of streetwear culture...outside of the skateboarding scene.


So basically we're here at RP55, and I was their youngest intern ever. This was one of the first steps for me because I got a feel for how companies really run in the world. This is like the biggest little company for brand here, because RP55 runds all of your favorite brands. It does so much and just for it to be here, probably down the street from me - there's still fashion culture here. 


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