Thirst Thing's Thirst, Sprite is the world's most popular Lemon-Lime soda.
Thirst For Yours! Grab a Sprite & enjoy the world's most popular lemon-lime soft drink.
A teen girl enters a bodega with her entourage. She quietly freestyles to herself as she pulls an ice cold Sprite out of the freezer. She opens the can of Sprite and takes a sip. Still freestyling, she approaches the cashier. Teen girl: I can see the future crystal clear like a medium, music what I’m feeding em.
Sfx: can opens
Music in background
Cashier speaks to the teen girl. Cashier: It’s an honor having a big-time rapper coming in here!
The teen raises an eyebrow. Teen girl: Rapper? Rapper? *echoes*
And we’re off on a sequence of the teen’s big ambitions:
We see the teen girl in a recording booth, she speaks into the mic.
Teen girl: Generation-defining artist maybe.
We quickly cut through close ups of the teen girl's face on album covers and merchandise.
Announcers: 5 tracks nominated...
We pull out to reveal an awards show where we see two annoucers on stage. Announcers: for song of the year!
Cut to the teen girl in the audience with on-screen graphics of the nominees’ faces side by side – all five squares show her face. Teen girl: I've got stories to tell...
Cuts to teen girl sitting back in a director's chair on set for a film. Teen girl: Cut!
Teen girl: Big stories
Teen girl: Action!
We move to a movie scene where the teen girl has super powers, she’s levitating and lifting the car into the sky. Music in background
The teen girl is now on stage at a concert, she is ready to dive into the crowd. Teen girl: You feel me?
As she dives into the crowd and we cut to an animated verison of her as the star in a video game. Sfx: video game beep
We cut back to reality in the bodega with a close up on the girl with a straight face. The cashier nods with approval.  
She exits the bodega with her entourage and passes a young man on the street opening a can of sprite. Card: Thirst For Yours. Sfx: can opens
Music in background
A well-dressed young man opens a can of sprite and takes a sip. Sfx: can opens
Young man walks towards a car and opens the door. We move inside and zoom in on the woman in the driver's seat. Spx: honk
Driver: Look at you all fancy!
We see the young man in the backseat--he looks dumbfounded. Young man: Fancy?
As he speaks, his words come to life. We quickly cut through close ups of him in a clothing store cutting/sewing fabric. Headshots of him flash on the screen and we see him dressing a mannequin. Young man: I'm going to be the most iconic designer of all time.
We cut to an endless line of shoppers waiting to get into the young man's store. Young man: The line for my stuff...
We speed through the line and end up with the young man at the Effiel Tower. Young man: Is going to go for miles.
We cut to a close-up of the young man holding tickets that are on fire at a fashion show. Young man: Tickets to my hot.
An airplane flies overhead, we move inside. All the passengers are reading a different magazine with him on the cover. The books are in a diverse range of languages. Sfx: Zoom
Sfx: Airplane beep
Young man: I'm going to be on the cover of every issue of every magazine, in every country.
The young man is lounging in First Class, we move through an airplane window and see a fashion shoot happening on a red planet. All the models are wearing chic spacesuits. Our hero is adjusting one of their helmets. Young man: Even the ones on Mars.
Sfx: Camera clicks
We snap back to reality. A car window rolls down to reveal the young man's face. Young man: So let's go, I got places to be.
We move to a kid across the street with a camera hanging around his neck. Kid: Little?
We zoom in on a can of Sprite the kid is holding. Card: Thirst For Yours. Man, I'm about to be the biggest in the world.
Thirst's Most Wanted
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